26 February 2019

InTheChair event provides a platform for sharing exciting ideas which inspire and contribute to personal growth and the development of entrepreneurship. We bring in experts from different fields to share a ride on their roller coaster as well as  inspire and engage our audiences.

This time we welcome Jonathon Miller, Co-founder and the managing director of Bit Trade.




27 February 2019

To translate your entrepreneurial idea into commercial reality, you need to weather the ups and downs. You need true confidence … confidence that is rooted in healthy self-esteem and leads to self-acceptance.

Our guest Keynote speaker “Suzanne Mercier“, CEO at Purpose to Profit and an expert on the topic of Imposter Syndrome, followed by a panel of entrepreneurs sharing how they had to overcome their own limitations will let you leave with some practical tools to achieve your dream business a lot sooner.



28 February 2019

Get your ticket now to secure your spot in order to see mnm’s lifestyle entrepreneurs in action! Participants get a chance to show off their unique business idea and convince the judges that their startup is worth taking home 1st price valued at $17,000. 

Sponsored by TractionNext and mnm institute


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