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4 weeks Bootcamp


We will show you that you do not need a genie in a bottle to build your dream company or freelance business.


Defining your ideal lifestyle should be the start of your journey.

When you know your strengths and weaknesses, your values and your priorities, the places where you want to be and the people you want to see, you know what you can bring to the world that you do better than anyone else.

Challenge your assumptions and focus on your aspirations to define your vision. Engage in brainstorms to find out how you can have a positive impact on the world and make a living doing what you love.


The program holds you accountable for your progress.

Create your 12 MONTHS STARTUP BUDGET, setups ROIs including an innovative RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN. Tailor your ambitions to reflect the lifestyle you want to live.

The objective can vary from replacing an income to building a powerful brand to enter the market space.

Define and prioritise marketing objectives, create strategies and tactics, and identify resources for the implementation of your plan.


Designing a brand identity, logo and, web that will make your friends jealous.

Being an entrepreneur is about turning your interests, personal values and passions into products and services that serve others and support a lifestyle of freedom and opportunity Project more precisely, describing in details the characteristics.

of the product or service you want to offer, including the potential benefits for customers or clients.
Give your brand a face – logo hack 


The program holds you accountable for your progress.

Collect market information and document your quantitative and qualitative data analysis for your brand. Identify possible KPIs to create a framework for the performance review of your social media activities.

Create content and funnel strategy to optimise on set objectives.

Identify the characteristics of your target audience and create a detailed consumer profile with references to specific media audiences.

 mnm’ers are a community of passion driven entrepreneurs chasing their dreams.

StartUp Network

When you’re an entrepreneur it is priceless to be connected with others like you. People walking the same path, going throw the same obstacles. Join our mnm’ers Network.

Career Opportunities

Opportunities are given by people for people. Growing up your Startup network will give you endless options to choose from.

Guidance / Assistance

Our mentors and tutors will support you during all process. They will assist you in giving different perspectives and solutions to all doubts you would have.

Do not miss any details about the program.
Topics, mentors, times and more.

Full information inside the program below

Week One     Week Two    
Monday      Monday    
  09:30am Welcome to the mnm institute "Passion to Profit Bootcamp"   09:30pm Target Persona - Segmentation
  10:30am Ideation - Discover the possibilities   01:30pm Opportunity Search
Tuesday     Tuesday    
  09:30am Start-up DIY Mindset   09:30am Brand Hack
  11:30am Design Thinking - Strategic Thinking   11:30am Brand Archetype
  01:30pm Idea screening      
 Wednesday      Wednesday    
  09:30am Concept Development Process   09:30am Brand Equity - What's in a Name?
  11:30am Packaging Benefits - Your Value Proposition      

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Powerful technology

As a world class startup educator we want to empower our participants with the skills and knowledge to carve a path in this rapidly evolving digital world. Create a real difference now.

Experienced guidance

Get an insight into the opportunities that these new technologies can enable and explore the possibilities with people that have worked in the industry.

Industry specialists

Our blockchain education partner Bit Trade is supporting bootcamp participants that may have business models where blockchain is relevant.

Realise the potenial

Explore and realise the potential for platform businesses, social enterprises and the possibilities of new funding pathways using blockchain technologies. Register your spot today!

A blockchain is a new technology that’s being
implemented in all types of business models
and industries around the globe.


…to seize every opportunity to promote your brand!

Products and brands large and small need a solid strategy to make them a reality.

This program will take you through the same essential process as the participants of mom core programs.

[cq_vc_accordion accordionstyle=”style2″ contentcolor=”#333333″ contentbg=”#ffffff” titlecolor=”#ffffff” titlebg=”#f99400″ titlehovercolor=”#ffffff” titlehoverbg=”#ff6700″ extra_class=”option_one_orange”][cq_vc_accordion_item accordiontitle=”REASON TO CONDUCT TRAINING”]+Increased job satisfaction and morale (proU)
+Increased motivation (proU)
+Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain (planU)
+Increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods (planU)
+Increased innovation in strategies and products (brandU)
+Enhanced image – PR social media profiling (brandU)
+Risk Management – alternative risk acceptance (planU)
+Financial forecasting and planning – is their passion profitable? (planU)
+Making it happen – web domain – social media- product development – funding – start up (PitchU)
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  • Unit credit to BSB42415 Certificate IV
  • BSBCRT401 Articulate, present and debate ideas
  • BSBMKG418 Develop and apply knowledge of the marketing and communication industry.
  • BSBCMM401 Make a presentation
  • Unit credit to BSB52415 Diploma of Marketing and Communication


[cq_vc_testimonialcarousel images=”3683,3679,3397,3681,3411,3472″ names=”Kaizen,Alex,Debora,Jc,Caroline,Luisa” subtitles=”S2FpemVuJTBBSG9vcHMlMEFGbG9wJTBBTGVra2VyJTIwVHVja2VyJTBBUmV3aWxkaW4lMEFFUVVBQUxJQQ==” tbackgroundcolor=”#ffffff” ttextcolor=”#0a0a0a” avatarwidth=”90″ avatarheight=”90″ autoplay=”on” autoplayspeed=”6000″ retina=”on” fontsize=”15px”]mnm showed me the meaning of passionate entrepreneurship. I learned that life should be exciting and fun. With the right mindset and understanding…

mnm has supported my entrepreneurial dreams in Sydney. I’m learning business & marketing from top-tier mentors in an enriching environment…

mnm helped me to take my project and vision to another level. Studying here and passing through all the subjects gave me perspective about all the…

When I arrive in Australia I was looking really for sense of purpose, I want to build something for the future. When I joined mnm it was really great…

It has been a fabulous journey being part of mnn institute, a safe and rich environment to turn ideas into startups. Our venture Rewildin was born at mnm…

mnm was the first educational place that I felt I was seen an individual, believing that I will find what I want to create in life, based on my passion and purpose..[/cq_vc_testimonialcarousel]

Years of experience at your fingertips



Born in Sydney, raised in Vienna, worked all over the world. Held positions such as General Manager or National Marketing Manager and created a few businesses. Tried to quit. Played golf, got bored, founded mnm to give back.



Juraj worked for 6 years for advertising agencies MUW Saatchi & Saatchi, Mayer McCann Erickson and Triad Advertising. He helped brands like Coca-Cola, Telefonica O2 and Heineken to communicate better with their audiences.



His passion is web and graphic design. He is building website for good decade and love the opportunity to help other businesses with their digital presence. He also can advice and help with online marketing any other graphic design issues.



Nelson has been a digital marketer since 2013 with a background in Public Relations. He grew sick and tired of working to make his boss’s dream come true… so he quit and started his own physical products business.


Product Design and Blockchain

A passion for entrepreneurship and societal change. With a diverse career over the past 25 years he has spent the last 6 years involved in various projects in the blockchain and decentralised technology space and currently is Head of Product and Growth at Bit trade.

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