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Business Tools of the 21st Century

tools-of-the-trade-v3-01Crafting your future is serious business, so we put some thoughts into selecting the best tools for you.

All mnm participants are provided with a tablet. Why? Well, it is bigger than a phone and lighter than a computer. It is the kind of device you can bring everywhere, from networking events to pitching competitions. It is powerful enough to get work done anywhere. In short, you will have no excuse to miss an opportunity or a deadline, and that is all we want.

Workshops are regularly run on campus to help participants master the functioning of the electronic equipments and get familiar with new software. Take these chances to develop your computer literacy.

Google suite enables you to access content and guidelines via your virtual classroom app and create collaborative documents. Your portfolio can conveniently be stored on your designated 10TB online drive. Online or on campus, you can bounce ideas off mentors with various backgrounds and domains of expertise, discuss your thoughts with other participants, and post your conclusion on your Fedena blog to share them with the whole mnm community.

If the screen of your tablet gets too small for your audience, just connect wirelessly to one of the projectors. This it is likely to happen sooner than you think as the events open to the public will give you multiple occasions to promote your brand. We are indeed so proud of our premises that we are keen to open our doors. It must be said that mnm institute is not your classic college. Admittedly our classrooms are not real classrooms…

You can start your day in the kitchen with a coffee and a chat, sitting at the bar, then join the main lounge to participate in a workshop. Gather with a few other participants around a meeting table for a brainstorming session and invite a mentor to discuss the outcomes. Find a quiet spot to meet with a client or get closer to the speakers to work on your own with music in the background. mnm will be your training facility and your office, a place to meet, share and create, with energy and passion.

Your Portfolio and the tools to Communicate it

At mnm, each subject comes with a series of relevant tasks to complete. They are things participants need to do anyway to make progress on their project. It means that if you choose mnm, you will get a formal qualification doing work that you can actually use in real life.

You will build a portfolio and share your results through blogging, vlogging and live presentations. To make it easier for you, you will get an iPad straight after your orientation. It will give you the freedom to work anywhere and easily bring your work with you to networking events or pitching competitions. It will give you the chance to meet all deadlines and seize every opportunity.

Participants are constantly challenged to become more and more tech savvy. They use Google Apps such as Classroom, Drive and Docs on a daily basis. They film and edit videos and develop their own YouTube channel. And when the campus opens its doors to the public, they just have to wirelessly connect their iPad to one of the large TVs or projectors to show what they have been up to on a big screen.