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your mind in the box … values are important because you use them every day to make decisions

so you end up making decisions every day based on what your culture, family, friends or religion demands of you without questioning
RS_Blank_02how about looking at yourself and excepting that you are good in what you love doing … imagine you have all the skills, knowledge, money … i mean rich and freedom to live wherever you wanted RS_Blank_08
RS_ Get Lostwhat would it be? RS_Artist
what are you having fun with? what feels like 5 minutes … but you been doing it for 10 hours?

your inner best … the closer you get the better you feel emotionally


why do we start of aged 15 deciding what our whole life should look like? why should we not just think what we want to do right now? what interests me the most? what places do i want to see? what questions do I want to have answered?

RS_Blank_03start with how your interest can also help others. How can it provide benefits to people, companies, society … and why would it be of benefit to them? RS_Blank_07

grouping benefits is the task of placing what i really want to provide in the centre as the core product or service. it’s the benefit on offer. the problem solver, the status giver, … the value .. the saving … the add on

all else that may make it better and should be included in the value offer is what we actually need to create. if we see an opportunity to give more value through augmented services we can leave them or take them as we wish.

don’t look up to the goal and get made feel small by all the hurdles
RS_Blank_12rewards are the pay-off for all you have sacrificed to get to the experiences you work for. places you want to see, people you want to work with …
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 RS_Blank_14 RS_Blank_14