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Digital Marketing




4 weeks Workshop


The goal of this workshop is to show you
how you can make money as a freelancer
working inside the Digital Marketing world


A Digital Marketing strategy starts having great content to show out there. Improving your photos will help you to build a better online presence almost instantaneously, allowing you to create better graphics and better engagement as a result.

  1. Composition
  2. Light: ISO |Shutter Speed | Aperture
  3. Perspectives tips
  4. Graphics


Having a great Social Media strategy will allow you to have a consistent and powerful online presence. It is important to be recognizable and easy to reach for your customers. The same recipe does not work for everybody, the best strategies are the customized ones! We will teach you how to build your own and also for your clients.


  1. Community Manager
  2. Virtual Assistance and Chat box
  3. Insights and reporting
  4. Automatization and Planning


Photoshop has uncountable uses today for any Digital Marketing Freelancer. You can create, fix or change pictures, graphics, presentations, and your own illustrations, the list is endless. We will teach you how to be quick and efficient working with photoshop!

  1. The layout: Introduction to the software
  2. Corrections: Perspective, Colors, Light
  3. Quality, formats, sizes
  4. Objects effects and titles


Go further than the organic posts! This last section of our intense program was created to give you an amazing tool that would make you outstanding from the crowd. Learn how to Facebook Business works creating Ads and targeting specific Audiences. This powerful tool will give you more than one client!

  1. Discovering Facebook Business
  2. Creating Audiences and retargeting
  3. Types of Campaigns, Ads and Ads sets
  4. Insights and reporting

What You’ll get after this Digital Marketing course?


To blow your mind with amazing ideas and start Your digital freelancer journey. This book was voted #2 on When you’re an entrepreneur it is priceless to be connected with others like you. People walking the same path, going throw the same obstacles. 


Digital nomads are a type of people who use technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers often work remotely from foreign countries


The first step to start working as a freelancer is having a good portfolio to show your work. After this workshop, you will be ready to go confidently about who you are and what you’re offering out there.

Do not miss any details about the workshop.

Every unit includes 2 lessons on Campus followed by weekly assessments
on each field. In one month you will become an expert in Digital Marketing
and Online presence strategy.
Week One     Week Two    
Tuesday      Tuesday    
  09:30am Welcome to the mnm institute Workshops   10:00am Photoshop Basics: Layout and Correction
  10:00am Photography Basics: Composition and Light  
Thursday     Thursday    
  10:00am Photography Basics: Formats and Graphics   10:00am Photoshop Basics: Quality and Objects
 Week Three      Week Four    
Tuesday 10:00am Social Media: Community Manager and Virtual Assistance Tuesday 10:00am Facebook Business: Layout Management and Audiences
Thursday 10:00am Social Media: Insights and Automatisation   Thursday Facebook Business: Campaigns and Insights  

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Lekker Tucker

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mnm was the first educational place that I felt I was seen an individual, believing that I will find what I want to create in life, based on my passion and purpose..



Years of experience at your fingertips


Digital Marketing Expert

Her passion’s on everything that’s related to creativity.
Deb’s an artist and digital world lover with more than eight years of experience inside Digital Marketing Industry.
With her skills and comprehensive mindset, you will get an unforgivable experience and knowledge to become a great influencer/freelancer.

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