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The unique entrepreneurial program was created to assist new entrepreneurs on their journey

Embark on the journey to make your passion profitable.

Find Your Purpose! Bring your existing idea or let us help you to find it with you.

Build a Company. Create an Impact. We will assist you with everything you may need.

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BSB52415 Diploma of Marketing and Communication (2 years and 3 months)

Let’s establish your vision, create your brand identity, build your website, prepare the financial plan, develop your social media strategy and craft the perfect pitch if you need to raise money for your new brand.


PLAY FOR WORK Work life balance… The ultimate dream. Or is it? Why would work be opposed to life, as if you had to suffer to make a living, as if blurring the line between working and playing wasn’t even an option?

Co-working space, iPad, Google Classroom…

Entrepreneurs of today need appropriate tools. As a participant of mnm institute, you will use an iPad equiped with Google Classroom and loaded with useful content. Work on your brand on your own time on campus that feels more like a co-working space.

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